Nairobi Teas

Our range of teas are produced in the UK unlike many competing brands. We have a range of premium Black teas including our award winning Earl Grey Tea as well as our Pride of Kenya, a pure unblended Kenya tea from the finest gardens in the Kenyan Highlands.

Our range extends to a selection of herbal and fruit infusions as well as green teas.

Hot Chocolate

We have a selection of Hot Chocolate including our Fairtrade chocolate. Our values dictate our purchasing on the chocolate as well and we ensure that all our product is fairly and ethically sourced.

Our Fair Trade hot chocolate is formulated to ensure its deliciously smooth, creamy taste is equalled by our commitment to Fair Trade ethics.


Our Cappuccino topping is available in several varieties including an ultra-premium specification.

Fruit Juices

Our below selection of juices is packed in Aseptic Bag in Box for use in Juice Machines. JUICES FROM CONCENTRATE 1+5 PACKED IN 1 X 10L

Ancillary Products

Our range of ancillary products includes: