We pride ourselves as being an organisation that runs on the principles of ethicality and fairness in business. All our coffee, tea and other supplies are sourced using strict guidelines ensuring that we deliver a fair value to the farmer, ensuring that the products are sourced from environmentally friendly suppliers who treat their employees fairly

Our flavoursome Resource coffee is triple certified (by Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and the Soil Association) and represents the formally accredited options available to you.

In addition to our fabulous Resource Triple Certified Coffee, Nairobi also offer a range of coffees as follows:
  • Fair Trade range under the DoLcHe Vita banner
  • Rainforest range of coffees
  • Old time favourites range of coffee

Espresso Beans

A range of whole beans for espresso coffees. Conveniently packed in our laminate 1kg valve bags for that fresh-roast taste. Delivered 6 kilos to the outer. Decaffeinated options are available in all the above styles.

Filter Coffees

A superb range of Pures and blends encompassing a broad spectrum of styles and flavours. Conveniently packed in portion controlled sachets for that fresh-roast taste. Decaffeinated options are available in all the above styles. Our Filter coffees are available in a variety of pack sizes, from 2 cup sachets to Bulk brew formats.

Cafetiere Coffees

A well-established range of cafetiere ground products packed in our laminate 1kg valve bags to ensure freshness. Also Available in 2cup sachets for bedrooms and self-service.
coffee stick nairobi

Freeze Dried Coffees

Our freeze dried coffee offering is as follows:
  • Fair Trade freeze dried coffee
  • Freeze dried Colombian coffee
  • Freeze dried decaffeinated coffee
  • Fair Trade Colombian freeze dried coffee sticks
  • Freeze dried coffee sticks