Countertop convenience redefined

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Next-generation countertop water dispensing

B6 is all new. From the ground up. From its sleeker aesthetics to future-proof digital connectivity, and increased performance, hygiene and sustainability benefits – B6 is the most advanced countertop water dispenser to date. Borg & Overström have redefined countertop water dispensing.

Beauty in simplicity

Minimalistic, understated and thoughtfully considered, B6 stays true to Borg & Overström’s founding principles of applying striking aesthetics to inspire your every day. The paired-back, premium look of the seamless casing creates a calming contrast to the complex technology that lies within.

Sustainability at the heart

B6 is built in the UK using proprietary sub-assemblies from nearshore suppliers, reducing the supply-chain carbon footprint. Recyclable components combined with solar-powered manufacturing processes make B6 a highly sustainable choice.

Intelligent energy-efficiency

B6 is consistently energy efficient, making it both economical and eco-friendly. Not only does it use energy-saving Dry Chill®  – Borg & Overström’s high-performance cooling technology – it’s also fitted with an intelligent sensor which sends the appliance into standby mode when light levels are low, or after a period of inactivity.

Digital connectivity

B6 meets the needs of the modern workplace with industry-leading digital connectivity. It’s IoT-ready and comes with touchless Bluetooth® operation as standard. An intelligent troubleshooting module emits blinking code to support users with effective maintenance.

Hygiene-assured sanity

B6 is protected by Biomaster®. Antimicrobial technology inherent to the front panel, dispense area and the touch-sensitive console provides long-lasting protection against the growth of microbes, including bacteria and mould, reducing the potential for cross-contamination.

Four-way versatility

B6 delivers instant purified chilled, ambient, sparkling, and hot water – creating more beverage possibilities for your people while delivering a high-capacity performance to match.

Advanced water purity

B6 is available with the latest Viovandt® LED-UV. Mercury-free, chemical-free, and energy-efficient – LED-UV water purification complements Borg & Overström’s already comprehensive Totality® methodology for complete peace of mind.

Next-generation modularity

B6 bears the iconic hallmark of all next-generation Borg & Overström dispensers – Maktens Borg. Its universally compatible parts increase maintenance efficiency for distributors and demonstrate a commitment to outstanding reliability for all users.

Optional waste overflow prevention

An all-new internal Alarmed Waste Kit is available as an option for the floor-standing B6 water dispenser. This clever device emits an audible alarm at high water level and sends a signal via Bluetooth to deactivate the control panel, preventing the tank from overflowing.

Control your water dispenser from your smartphone

Pairing the touchless water dispensing mobile app with the B6 is easy with built-in Bluetooth® connection. Alternatively, a three-way foot switch can also be fitted to this model.