B HW-series B5/B10/B20 – Bulk Brew Machines

Extremely suitable for locations that need large quantities of coffee at peak moments. This series has a separate hot water tap in the column. The equipment is connected to the water mains and brews the required quantity of coffee in containers at any moment required. Round filtering machine for locations with water connection. Brews large quantities of coffee into separate containers. Equipped with digital display, total and day counters, descale system, coffee-is-ready signal, built-in timer and optimum security provisions. Including container(s) type VHG, filter unit(s) and drip tray.
Twin: Model with 1 brewing system with separate hot water tap and 2 containers of 5/10/20 litres.
Single: Model with 1 brewing system with separate hot water tap and 1 container of 5/10/20 litres (left or right of the column). This enables you to easily compile, for example, double or triple machines  

Bravilor Aurora Single High – Thermal Brewer

Aurora Single High (Aurora 5,7 SGH) brews filter coffee directly into a portable dispenser of 5,7 L. The touchscreen is easy to use, especially when you use the pre-set programmes: mild, regular and dark roast. However, the Aurora units allow professionals to optimise every setting of the brewing process such as water temperature, coffee-water ratio, pre-wet and brewing time. If you want to create homemade blends or if you serve single-origin coffees, this feature might be of particular interest. Additionally, you can use the water bypass.